Hey it’s ya boy Jude/Soushiyo. I made a proper website and you’re looking at it.

I’m a queer illustrator/pinup artist. I like drawing sexy fanart of old video games and anime, and I do a lot of OC commissions/character designs. Also working on a kinky witch comic called Familiar.

Making a strong effort to add more sex and body positivity into the ero art space with the power of love and pen tablets.

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Can I repost your pics to _____ ?

You’re welcome to share my work — as it appears on this site or Twitter — on other third party sites as long as:

  • my watermark is on it
  • I am credited (link to my website or my Twitter)
  • you did not alter the image in any way (e.g. color adjustments, adding text or captions)
  • you are not claiming the work as your own
  • you are not profiting or generating profit using my content
  • the website does not host or promote illegal content, such as sexual abuse of minors

Are you ever going to do phase 3 of that Edwin comic?

I was planning on it before Tumblr jumped off the deep end, but now I have to re-prioritize my projects for a few months. But yeah, there is a plan.